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For Those Who Are Serious About Being Anxiety and Panic Attack Free


"Panic Attack Symptoms And How An Award Winning Author Cured Them "

Anxiety RemediesThought I'll share my experience with anxiety and panic attacks and how I beat them to the point where all my symptoms stopped. It did not happen overnight; it took about 2 months after I started applying self-help measures before my symptoms and all the misery started reducing and eventually ended.

Before I get into further details about how I have overcome panic attacks and free floating anxiety, let me tell you that I am 95% free of these and their symptoms. I have also come to recognize that there is no such thing as 100% elimination of panic attacks and anxiety. I’ve been at it for over 5 years now. And there is no denying that this 95% freedom that I have enables me to enjoy life to its hilt.

Importantly, I gained this freedom not through psychiatric treatment which includes drug treatment and therapy though I did try them. No, these were no solution and in fact caused more trouble for me ( explained below). That is why, I am completely against taking psychotropic medications except for managing anxiety and panic in the initial stages. I was able to overcome this problem through self-help, using the information and guidance and methods provided by 2 gentlemen, who went through the same panic and anxiety as I did and overcame it through simple yet effective means.

My Symptoms and the Beginning of my Anxiety and Panic Attacks

My anxiety and panic attacks began 5 years ago when out of the blue I was faced with a extremely distressing situation. When the distressing situation hit me, my anxiety level was through the roof, and I had all the symptoms of a full blown anxiety or panic attack: High anxiety and restlessness; Shortness of breath; Chest discomfort; Trembling; Fear; Loss of appetitie; Feeling confused, Sweating and Nausea. In short my existence was miserable to the point that I was not able to function at work or at play. I was too anxious all the time and in constant fear of a panic attack.

My first response was ‘come on this cannot last, it will be gone once I have a good night’s sleep.’ But that was not the case. Every morning I woke up with all the mentioned symptoms and subsequent panic. In fact, the level of anxiety and panic was so much that I could not sit still for more than five minutes, I was sweating, could not think straight, my heart was pounding and my mind was racing in different directions.


No Panic Attacks Without Anxiety

Anxiety CycleAt the outset, I have to state that you don’t have problems with anxiety and panic attacks without first having a pre-disposition to anxiety. As I look back on my life, I have to concede that before I got hit by anxiety and panic attacks over 5 years ago, requiring third party intervention, there were some instances in my life in which I was given to anxiety. Usually this occurred when I experienced a sense of loss, or a situation which was intensely emotional and insecure. But these instances were few and far in between, yet the disposition to anxiety was still there.

Here let me mention that anxiety and panic are not two different things. They are two sides of the same coin. It is anxiety which escalates to unmanageable levels that leads to panic attacks. And if you are in a sustained state of anxiousness, even the slightest incident or situation out of the normal, or something that you have some dread of, triggers a full blown panic attack. The underlying culprit is only and always only anxiety. A panic attack is the manifestation of an overload of this anxiety, with a panic attack being triggered when you are not able to deal with any more anxiety. This triggering happens when you face an additional scenario mentally or emotionally which is the last straw.

For example, if you are in a sustained anxious state for whatever reason, a sudden situation which you are normally anxious about, such as say fear of social situations, or of driving or of darkness (we all have some fear or the other), becomes too much for you to handle because your mental and emotional energies are depleted from dealing with the existing anxiety. This then leads to an overwhelming experience of extremely heightened anxiety, otherwise commonly known as a panic attack. A panic attack is a very distressing experience not only when it occurs, but also after it because you then develop an apprehension of another panic attack and the misery that you have to go through. It is a kind of a cycle. Therefore what needs to be first eliminated is the underlying anxiety. Remember anxiety is the cause and a panic attack is the result. You cannot eliminate panic attacks without eliminating the underlying anxiety in the first place.

Drug Treatment and Therapy

DrugsThe next thing that I did, and perhaps something you have already done or will do eventually was to rush to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist listened to me and then told me that I need to take therapy and medicines as well. So I started on both. I was put on .5mg x 3 times daily of clonotril (anti-anxiety drug), a morning dose of Lexapro 10mg (anti-anxiety) and a night time 50mg dose of amitryptiline (anti-depressant and an anxiolytic).

The therapy basically included going back to the incident or situation which triggered the whole episode and dissecting it to rationally get rid of the underlying anxiousness caused by the situation. It also included various physical relaxation techniques including slow breathing. The fact, however, was that I was not living in the past of that episode. I was living in the daily nightmare of what had happened and what the future held. It was emotionally, mentally and psychologically too much for me to deal with. Going back to what had caused it all and analyzing it was not giving me a solution for the present fear, anxiety, distress, restlessness, hopelessness that I faced daily. The relaxation techniques were not helping and in fact not viable because c’mon….there was something wrong in my mind and my emotions, I was disturbed and the relaxation techniques were also being done mechanically, with the anxiety very much present.

By now I had been on medication for over 6 months and though lesser, the anxiety and dread was there all the time, often leading to full blown panic attacks. In addition, the sustained anxiety also led to even more depression. The medication was not getting rid of it nor was the therapy. Soon I realized that I had become dependent on clonotril, for I found myself religiously taking the medication morn, noon and night. This I realized was harmful. What would I do if the drug was not available or if it was not within easy reach?

Search for an Answer

Looking For An AnswerAfter a year or so with this trauma I finally decided that the solution for the anxiety and the panic state lay in myself, in my mind, my emotions, my will and my psyche. I realized that I would have to beat it by dealing with what was happening to me now…the underlying fears, the underlying apprehension, the underlying dread…and not by delving in what had happened in the past. But where do I begin? What do I do? And how?

I then did a lot of reading on anxiety and panic attacks on the web, even read textbooks on psychiatry and psychology; and on anxiety and panic disorders. I gained immense knowledge about the subject from a professional’s point of view. I could even make various psychiatric diagnoses but was not able to help myself. The reason was that I had learnt the theory but not the application of it. By now I was also very concerned about taking clonotril because I had read horrible stories of addiction to this drug and the consequences including dependence and withdrawal issues.

Thereafter, like you, I went through various websites offering so called ‘tips and tricks’ to beat anxiety and panic attacks but to no avail. It was then that came across two eBooks regarding panic and anxiety. These were about getting rid of anxiety and panic attacks. I also read good reviews of these books as well. So I decided to buy both these and see what they had to offer.

We Need Help: The eBooks that Helped me

What was unique about these two eBooks is that the subject of anxiety and panic attacks was dissected very well into its individual components for practical understanding and was streamlined in a straight line manner, one aspect automatically leading to the next one. Neither of these books talked about what had happened in the past though they do talk about the mechanics of a panic attack. Rather they talked about the various things that were actually and factually happening to me now and about what needs to be done to eliminate the underlying anxiety and the resultant panic attacks. They showed me how to deal with the as fear, dread, anxiety of the future etc..These two books enabled me to understand the anxiety, fear, the dread, the distress that I was experiencing and what to do about it.

One of the central things that these self-help books taught me was that nothing worse than what I was going through could ever happen to me. I had reached the peak of anxiety, distress, fear, dread caused by the initial trigger. I could not change what had happened, but sure enough I could very much change the effect it had on me and was happening for me. I learnt that there was only two ways I could continue; either live in my pathetic state since it could not get worse, or I could move forward knowing that I could only improve and not get worse and get rid of the underlying anxieties.


RecoveryAnd sure enough I soon found myself improving and the and anxiety and panic attack symptoms started reducing. For instance, I started analyzing the anxiety and the fear connected to loss and the future. I realized that though the fears and the anxiety about the future may be true, it was not something that had no solutions and that it was not a matter of life and death. Neither I nor those connected to me were faced with life threatening situations. I also learnt to change my perspective, that even though things were not as they should be now, they do not last forever. This is the nature of life. Everything is seasonal.

They also showed me the faulty thinking pattern and emotional responses that are at the root of my underlying anxieties which led to periodic panic attacks. I started asking myself some fundamental questions regarding the various anxieties I had even before the present episode. I started questioning the basis of these anxieties, and started imagining the worst case scenarios. I soon realized that the worst case scenarios were not life threatening to me or those dear to me, which is about the only thing that should cause anxiety in anyone. I also realized that many of the underlying anxieties were self-created.

For example, my elder son is badly alienated from me and this was a source of great anxiety for me. We once had the closest of relationships between father and son. This break in relationship caused me enormous anxiety, fear, and distress as I was worried about what would happen to him. I used to wake up every morning with fear, anxiety and panic all rolled into one. But I soon began rationalizing that the alienation was happening because he was still a kid and was susceptible to others’ influence. But sooner or later, he would grow up and learn what was true and what was false and that he would eventually find his way back to me. I got over that anxiety this. I did this every time the fear arose and still do it today when it does.

Similarly, I dealt with the other individual factors that were causing anxiety and periodically building up to panic attacks. These two books helped me do all of this. Whenever, I get anxious now, I immediately go into an analysis mode in the present and show myself that the worst I am imagining cannot happen and that there is no need for me to be anxious. In fact, I have now reached a stage that, I imagine the worst happening, and tell myself that the worst cannot take my life or cause ruin. If it cannot take my life or ruin me, then why should I be anxious? I apply the same reasoning to every anxiety evoking instance.

What I learnt

One important aspect in all of this is to remember that we live in the present and not in the past or the future. The past is gone and the future is not here, yet most of our anxieties arise over the past or over the future. Secondly, many of our anxieties are caused by wrong perceptions or over-expectation of the various aspects of our lives. I have learnt that family, money, career, social standing, social performance etc may be important to a certain extent, but never more important than personal happiness and contentment. None of these things can bring you true joy and happiness and inner security. The world keeps bombarding us about the importance of these things but that is utter nonsense.

Ultimately happiness and joy that we seek comes from within, from internal tranquility brought about by an absence of anxieties. We also have to realize how fortunate we are and how bad it is for other people. It is true that, for example, a panic attack following prolonged anxiety or over a fear of darkness or of driving is a horrible experience, but is it worse than knowing you have cancer and will die in six months? I may be anxious over alienation of my son, but is it better to have a alienated son who is still well and alive or have a son who is dead?

These two books I mentioned helped me to look at my anxiety and panic attacks for what they really are and then deal with every aspect of them to get rid of the anxiety that builds and leads to a panic attack at the slightest, often unrelated trigger. This is what these eBooks will do for you. They will help you to unravel the maize that goes into the making of anxiety and panic attacks and enable you to start leading a joyous life even if things around you are falling apart.

One thing I also found useful was to read the Bible because it gives us hope even in the most distressing, dreadful and fearful situations. If you are not the kind of person who reads the Bible then you may be someone who subscribes to a certain way of life or philosophy. Draw from it. They all have something positive to offer regarding the various life struggles we find ourselves in on and off.

I do not know what kind of anxiety and panic problem you have. It may be general anxiety (free floating), fear of driving, agoraphobia (fear of closed spaces), fear of public speaking, social phobia or specific phobia. But the bottom line is that you can overcome it all for good and lead a productive, anxiety free happy life. It might surprise you to know that while I kept battling my anxieties and panic attacks using the advice in these two eBooks, I also wrote a book that went on to win an international literary award!

So have faith and take courage. I know first hand what this is all about, but it is something you can beat and HAVE TO BEAT ON YOUR OWN. That is the remedy for you anxiety and panic attacks. No medication or therapy is going to do that for you. Rather you will end up spending a fortune on these conventional remedies with little to show as benefit, and you might even end up with addiction issues which make matters worse. But you need some help to help yourself. That is why I recommend that you get hold of these self-help eBooks to remedy your anxiety and panic for good.

A word about Prescription Drugs

As I've said before, Drug treatment and therapy are not the solution. But it is not as though they do not have a place. If your anxiety level is high or your panic attacks frequent and unbearable, you do need to take a anti-anxiety medication adviced by a psychiatrist to manage these episodes. Therefater, you go back to follow the advice given in these eBooks.

Best Self-help Advice and Information

Get hold of these two eBooks: Panic Away by Joe Barry McDonagh and Anxiety Lie by Rich Presta. When you go to the website you will read a lot of testimonials, which are verified to be true, but you will also hear some over-the-top statements like 'beat your anxiety and panic attacks in one move' or 'overnight', but ignore that. The fact is that these are not overnight fixes as there is no overnight cure for anxiety and panic attacks. But if you read the eBooks thoroughly, understand the information and apply what the authors are telling you to do, you will soon find your anxiety and panic states reducing in intensity and for the most part, you’ll thereafter be able to rid all the anxieties and panic attacks that are plaguing you. It will, of course, require effort which is most certainly worth it.

P:S: You can get a FREE audio to deal with anxiety and panic attck crisis. You will find this halfway through the panic away homepgae. Look for a yello button with 'INSTANT ACCESS' written on it. Give them the email address to send you the download link for the audio. Alngwith the audio, you will also get a short course on how to deal anxiety and panic attcks. These are nothing but a couple of techniques taken out of the main 'Panic Away' eBook.

Also when you buy the porgram which includes eBook, audio, opt for the 'Difital' download version as it is cheaper and contains the same eBook and audio files as in the other versions in which you receive a physical copy of the eBook and the auido on DVD.

The package here is also 25% cheaper than on Amazon. I paid $97 foor it on Amazon.

I have done reviews of these books here and here. These reviews will explain to you what these eBooks otherwise known as ‘programs’ work and what they comprise of. There are many other similar books on the subject which I have read and reviewed on this site, but none of them measure up to these two.

There is one more important thing that you need to remember about these eBooks. Some unscrupulous characters are said to be illegally selling these books from their own sites rather than sending the buyer to the official ones. The official ones provide a lot of additional benefits including one-on-one support and coaching. Buy from the official sites. See the review pages of these eBooks on The list of these reviews is here. The review pages have links to the official websites.

Finally if you are not able to buy both of them, and can afford only one, then go for ‘Panic Away.’

Further if you are suffering from specific anxities and fears, use the below reviewed self-help eBooks. I am recommending them after careful thought and consideration. I have gone through them and found them to be top notch self-help remedies for specific anxieties and phobias. I am linking these to the review pages from which you can go to the 'official' websites:

General Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Fear of Driving

Social Anxiety/Phobia

Public Speaking Fear


Nocturnal Panic Attacks

The good part also is that, all these eBooks come with a 8-week moneyback guarantee, which is a good deal for us. We can always take a refund, but please be honest here. Though you can get a no questions asked refund, opt for refund only if you are not satisfied with the content and its advice. Being an author myself, I know the authors have gone through a lot of trouble to put them togther for our benefit. Let us respect that. The eBook remains with us even after a refund.

Most importantly, remember that you WILL get yourself out of this crazy and maddening loop of anxiety and panic attacks. I am your living example. Also be easy on yourself and take things lightly. Life is not all that serious no matter what. Personal happiness is. If you have any questions to ask, please mail me here:







Oliver D'Souza

Author, Journalist




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