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Symptoms Of Panic Attacks

There are several symtpoms of a panic disorder. These symptoms include physical, mental, emotional and percepcetual symptoms.

A person sufeering panic disorder may have all these symptoms or a combination of two or three of them.

The symptoms include:


* A sensation of adrenaline going through your entire body

* Sweating

* Shortness of breath (dyspnea)

* Racing or pounding heartbeat or palpitations

* Chest pain

* Dizziness or vertigo

* Lightheadedness

* Nausea / stomach pains

* Hyperventilation

* Choking or smothering sensations

* Uncontrollable itching

* Tingling or numbness in the hands, face, feet or mouth (paresthesia)

* Hot/cold flashes

* Trembling or shaking

* Feeling of claustrophobia

* Exhaustion

* Feeling of physical weakness or limpness of the body

* Uncontrollable crying

* Grinding teeth or tensing other muscles repeatedly or for prolonged periods of time


* Intense and/or frightening realizations of reality

* Loss of the ability to react logically to stimuli

* Loss of cognitive ability in general

* Racing thoughts (often based on fear; a repeated or illogical worry)

* Loud internal dialogue

* Feeling of impending doom

* Feeling of "going crazy"

* Extreme worried feeling

* Feeling of extreme nervousness

* Feeling out of control

* Feeling of being threatened by something (often when nothing "threatening" is present)

* Feeling of anti-social behaviour from other people

* Feeling of excitement

* Feeling of nagging from other people

* Vision is somewhat impaired (eyes may feel like they are shaking.)

* Feeling like you are going to die any second


* Terror, or a sense that something unimaginably horrible is about to occur and one is powerless to prevent it

* Fear that the panic is a symptom of a serious illness

* Fear that the panic will not subside

* Fear of losing control

* Fear of death

* Fear of living

* Fear of going crazy

* Flashbacks to earlier panic trigger[citation needed]

* Intense "scared" feeling

* Social fear

* Public Speaking Fear

* Extreme anxiety or nervousness

* Uncontrollable crying

* Becoming upset (either angry or sad)


* Tunnel vision

* Heightened senses

* The apparent slowing down or speeding up of time

* Dream-like sensation or perceptual distortion (derealization)

* Dissociation, or the perception that one is not connected to the body or is disconnected from space and time (depersonalization)

* Feeling of loss of free will, as if acting entirely automatically without control




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