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What Is A Panic Attack?

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A panic attack is best described as a terrible emotional nightmare that affects you in various ways.

Some people suffering panic attacks feel like they are in an increasing cycle of catastrophe and that something bad is going to happen to them "this very moment."

Some others feel they are having a heart attack because their heartbeat increases, convincing them that they are going to have a heart attack.

Yet others experience a feeling of "losing control" and that they will do something embarrassing. Others hyperventilate and feel like they will suffocate. (Watch the video below)


Common symptoms of a panic attac include:

a racing or pounding heartbeat

dizziness and lightheadedness

feeling that "I can't catch my breath"

chest pains or a "heaviness" in the chest

flushes or chills

tingling in the hands, feet, legs, arms

jumpiness, trembling, twitching muscles

sweaty palms, flushed face


fear of losing control

fear of a stroke that will lead to disability

fear of dying

fear of going crazy

A panic attack usually lasts several minutes and is a very distressing experience for a person.

Panic attacks are also known to last for longer periods in some cases and also to recur repeatedly.

The aftereffets of a panic attack is excruciating. This includes feeling depressed and helpless, alongwith a looming fear that the panic attack will continue to come back over and over again.

A panic attack is not necessarily triggered by a known factor and come unexpectedly.

However, too much stress or other negative circumstances can trigger panic attacks.

Take heart, though. In recent years proven and highly effective self-help programs such as panic away (the Best) have provided a sure and certain way to get rid of panic attacks permanently. Use these to lead a panic free life.




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