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Review Of The Anxiety Lie by Rich Presta

'Effectively Manage And Minimize Anxiety'

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The Anxiety Lie Review

by Oliver D'Souza
Anxiety lie ebook cover

As with his earlier work - The Driving Fear Program, Rich Presta has once again brought a sure hope of an anxiety free life for people plagued by the problem worldwide.

Truth Vs Misinformation

The differentiating aspect about this program that has featured in major media including CNN, New York Times, MSNBC and Discovery is that it totally divergent from all other material about overcoming anxiety attacks.

In the primary, it puts the onus of overcoming the problem on the person in question because it theorises that a great part of getting rid of anxiety has to do with first eliminating the misinformation that has been dispensed by all and sundry, which in turn only reinforces the problem.

It then shows you the problem for it it really is and shows you how to solve it in its core.

Different And Unique

Copyright problems prevent stating the material in the book but it would suffice to say that it introduces a different and unique perspective - a perspective that has evidently enabled thousands of panic attack sufferers to permanently eliminate their anxiety.

The Anxiety Lie then builds on this perpective to develop and provide a metod that has proven to eliminate all types of anxiety attacks and disorders.

Like any other self-help program for anxiety, Anxiety Lie program will require effort on your part to make the recovery process work.

The Anxiety Lie is also hard on you. It does not sugar coat things connected with your anxiety, and that are causing it and nurturing. On the contrary, it successfully prods you to make the necessary changes in your life to completely eliminate anxiety attacks.

The 100 pages long Anxiety Lie Program Manual enables you to find the solution from within yourself rather than from extraneous factors such as those touted as 'magic pills, 'formulas' etc..

And rightly so because, it is a fact a great deal of anxiety emanates from within rather than from external factors. Therefore, the solution too has to be likewise.

Worth The Effort

The required effort for making the personal changes, however, is worth it because beyond that lies a life free of anxiety and panic.

It first disples all the misinformation and half-baked information about eliminating anxiety. It then shows you how to finally overcome your anxiety attacks and phobias for good.

And unlike similar other self-help programs, it The Anxiety Lie is also very honest, so much so that as the author says "The Anxiety Lie is tough, at times it will be like a slap across the face, so if you're not ready for that, then this probably isn't for you. You're better off with one of the other books about anxiety and panic attacks...you know, the ones with rainbows and unicorns..."

But if you are the kind that wants the truth even if its is bitter, so that you can finally find freedom, it will stimulate you to get on with eliminating your anxiety and living life to its full.

Features And Benefits

The program, comes in two editions - a downloadable manual in the form of an ebook, as well as a downloadable audio edition.

The Audio Edition - the complete manual in audio form - is great for listening to in your car or wherever you go.

There is also very good input material from in the form of an adui interview with Clinical Psychologist Scott Fenton.

In addition, there is also a quick fix audio that is specifically tailored to deal with situations of panic and high anxiety.

All of the material including the audio are instantly downloadable from the website.

To users' advantage, there are two other benefits. One is that you also get free updates to all the material.

Secondly, there is an iron-clad 8 week guarantee, so you can try it risk free. If it's not for you, you can get a full refund.

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