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Driving Fear Program Review

"Regain The Pleasure Of Driving Again"

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Review Of Driving Fear Program - Overcome Your Fear Of Driving

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by Oliver D'Souza

image of overcome driving fear program review by rich presta's book

There are many different self-help programs for general anxiety and panic disorders, but very few that are tailored specifically for overcoming fear of driving.

The problem that a person faces with driving is far more specific as compared to those suffering from general anxiety or panic.

This is why self help programs for general anxiety and panic do not work with the fear of driving.

'Driving Fear Program - Overcome Fear Of Driving' ebook and audio is probably the only one that enables you to specifically deal with the fear of driving and is the effective and cheap alternative to expensive psychotherapy that never produces the full desired results anyway.

The program enables you to get rid of your fear of driving by dealing with the factors that lead to the creation of this fear. The author clearly shows how the fear of driving is not a single isolated fear but part of and a creation of other present anxieties. The fear of driving is a manifestations of the sum total of underlying anxieties. In others the manifestation include various phobias such as agoraphobia, claustropahobia and so on. The program shows you how to identify these anxities and to get rid of them through techniques given in the material.

The Driving fear program further takes you down the road of discovering the various psuchosomatic factors that contribute to the fear of driving. For instance, if your body language is negative, such as in slouching, then it affects your mental outlook negatively. This outlook then becomes a learned behaviour which leads to a lack of confidence about yourself, or overeaction to normal simulus, such as seeing a curve on the road, or its embankment, which in turn affects your confidence to be able to drive safely and drive well.

The program emphasizes that this a problem of wrong perception of the mind and emotions rather than any realistic fear about dangers you might encounter, and more importantly how will react to them.

The program is a step-by-step one and does not hurry you to get into the drivers seat. Instead, it works at buliding your confidence step-by-step and even when you actually give driving a go, it is only for short distnces. Thereafter, it is built up incremently encompassing wider and wider driving scenarios..

Though many people develop this fear after an accident, others have the fear even without having had a bad experience. In both cases, the program rehabilitates you mentally, psychologically and emotionally to return to your car in confidence.

Driving Fear Program Content

The program is based on two basic proven scientific theories: One is that you more than likely had a bad experience while driving, and from a small handful of similar experiences, developed a fear response that you always carry.

More importantly, this also indicates that this is a learned behaviour and the same learning process is employed to unlearn the behaviour.

The second is that the subconscious mind, based upon the few bad experiences, is sending a wrong message to the conscious mind about driving. This is what is known as conditioned behaviour extensively expounded by the great Psychologist I.V.Pavlov.

The author begins by first introducing and explaining to you these two major aspects and to the various other aspects involved in fear of driving and then provides a proven method to get rid of it for good. This is, by the way not a overnight cure. It is reported that it will take around 4 weeks before you start feeling sure about yourself as afr as driving is concerned.

Evidently, the great results experienced by those who have used it is partly due to the great lengths the author goes to in ensuring that it meets as many driving fear aspects as possible, doing away with many limitations in other self-help programs. 

The ebook and the audio shows you precisely what to do and how to fully conquer the dread of driving in each and every possible scenario.  The program includes manuals, workbooks and reports, as well as audio material.


The good part of the Driving Fear Program is that although it is targeted to get rid of driving fear, in addition to overcoming your fear of driving, as a secondary result, it also enables you to get rid of all other anxieties and background stressors in your life. This, of course, leads to a better quality of life.

Depending upon your preference for reading or listening, the course in both forms provides the solution that you need. It is available in either download or print and CD format, so whichever you are more comfortable with is easily available to you.

Besides the content itself, three other aspects make the ebook worth buying:

  • One is that it is proven as it is the most widely used by those suffering from the problem, as well as, by clinical psychologists.
  • Rich Presta, who is also the author of The Anxiety Lie is among the pioneers in the field. He is also the most respected and authoritative author on the subject. 
  • You can try the ebook/audio for 8 weeks and get a no questions asked full refund if you are not happy with the results.
  • It is the cheapest yet most effective proven solution available.  The digital edition is available for as little as $67.
Best Deal
$87 With Refund Guarantee
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