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Review Of Social Strategies Audio Series

Beat Social Anxiety/Phobia With
Social Strategies Audio

Social Strategies Review

by Oliver D'Souza

Social strategies Review

Social Strategies is a comprehensive guide to gaining social confidence, getting easy social victories and takes all the anxiety associated withit. It works in a step-by-step basis so you don’t have to encounter another embarrassing social situation.

Social startegies is created by John Mercer, a personal development coach, who struggled with social anxiety and panic attacks. In fact, he even got a degree in psychology while trying to solve his social phobia.

Social Strategies is a quick start guide with which you can begin right away through it 8 audio lessons. Each lesson is different and is created to change the way in which you view social situations on thw whole and in specifics.

The 8 audio lessons includes “games” that you can to help yourself overcome the natural fear in any social situation

The “games” enable you to look at your social situations from a new perspective, eliminating your worry from a given situation and come out a winner.

Rather than worrying about what to say or what others are thinking of you, all that is required of you is to focus on your own game.

The “games” are meant to inculcate confidence through actual experience.

Social Strategies ensures that you are in control of your comfort level, while still coming out a winner. These successes build your confidence bit by bit till you do not need the games anymore.

It ensures that you are always extracting positive reinforcement from every social situation.

John Mercer does indeed understand what it’s like to suffer from social anxiety or phobia as is evident from what he has to say and offer.

He also considers that this problem may be severe for some people and makes provisions to tackle social anxiety in all its manifestations and intensity.

Social Strategies also comes with the Social Visualization Exercise and The 6 Minute Miracle - both of which are visualization and meditation techniques to help you through your social anxiety and give you greater confidence. These are also downloadable onto your computer or MP3 player.

Anyone looking to beat social anxiety/phobia, become more outgoing, less shy and remain socially confident without fear and anxiety, will find social strategies a great investment. This is a particularly great choice if you like listening over reading.




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